HBAV Member Rebate Program

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Do you want to put money back in your pocket for purchasing things you are currently buying? Then check out this special rebate program offered by the Home Builders Association of Virginia. 

  • Register / File a Rebate Claim / Receive a Check
  • No Receipts Needed to Claim
  • Claim Quarterly, Receive a Lump-Sum Rebate Check
  • Nationally, over 5,600 NAHB Builder members participate
  • ‚ÄčOver 70% of those members who participated last year received more in rebates than they paid in annual dues to their HBA!

In recent years, the average rebate amoung participating Builders/Remodelers was $1,178.12.

To learn more about these savings please Click Here

HBAV Insurance Agency

The HBAV Insurance Agency has partnered with OneDigital to provide property, caualty and employee health benefits to members. Click the link below to find out more information and to get signed up.

HBAV Insurance Agency